Welcome to Mysts of Mythos

My name is Sean F Gallagher. Thank you so much for coming to visit the world of Mysts. I’ve spent many years thinking about this place. I’ll be posting sample chapters and snippets of my story from time to time. I hope you enjoy them and I hope they make you hungry for more. Please feel free to make comments, Let me know what you like and don’t like about what’s here. I won’t promise to change anything for you but I am always willing to listen to constructive criticism.

Let me tell you a little bit about my world.


All of Myth and Legend are but Visions of Other Worlds Through a Mysty Veil. One day, those Visions Stepped Through.

We live in but one of the multitude of infinite universes separated from one another by a mysty veil. Throughout human history some people have been able to see across that veil to the other worlds of the multiverse. They told stories about the things that they saw, and those stories grew to become the Myths and Legends of our world. In much the same way as any tale told again and again, some aspects of the story remain true while others are not.

On Winter Solstice, of the year 1001 CE, the world is covered in a thick myst. Eerie lights populate that fog, undulating about us, but never close enough to touch. People and creatures pass through the veil of myst from other worlds, bringing with them a new paradigm. Magic and monsters have come to our world.


The first novel will tell the stories of four young people caught up in the chaotic world of the new paradigm brought by the mysts. On the left side of this page you will see links to my sample chapters as well as other snippets that I’ll post in the future. Each Chapter will have a mini-glossary at the end to define unusual words that I use to set the tone and the period of the work. Thank you again for coming to visit.

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